Heart Kids

Heart Kids: In 2005 we began working with the HeartKids Foundation and have continued supporting this charity.

“We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your ongoing in-kind support of Heart Kids WA. Generous donations from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.”
– Heart Kids


Constable Care

Constable Care: Since 2012 we have proudly been involved with the Constable Care organisation and have donated a number of printed items.

“In supporting our charter, we have been fortunate to work with the talented and skilled staff at Delta Print. Their in-kind support goes beyond just delivering a finished product to our door. Through our partnership of two years, Delta has consulted, designed and provided exceptional collateral to further enhance our brand and support our annual events including Showcase and the Constable Care Child Safety Awards. We would not hesitate to recommend Delta Print for any of your design or printing needs. To all the team at Delta, we would be lost without you.”
– Constable Care

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto approached us to design and print a promotional book for the launch of the initiative, ‘The Bear Essentials of Sleep’ which was targeted at families living with shift workers.

The children of Rio Tinto staff members entered a drawing competition and the winners were included in a book designed by us. The launch was a huge success.


Instagram Booth – Health

In 2014 we worked with the Perth Children’s Hospital Project to create an ‘Instagram Photo Booth’ for Telethon. The client came to us with an idea of an ‘Instagram’ cut-out photo board so that children could stand behind it for pictures.

During the design process we explored different materials to ensure the board could be easily transported while strong enough to stand on its own.


Extra ‘punch’ to the Rio Tinto Site Boxing Gym

In February 2015 we worked on a Boxing Gym Wall Print for the Rio Tinto Hope Downs 4 site.
The client had two walls each measuring 10 metres that they wanted covered.

After exploring different options for print materials and application, an image was carefully designed in our art room to specifically accommodate such a large space. Chris Musto from our Sales Team was flown up to site and spent the day applying the large print in panels which gave the room enormous impact.

The client was very pleased with the final product and the service received throughout this project.


St Barbara Group Focus Board

The client was looking for a way to record Health or Safety incidents on a large board working in conjunction with a printed booklet.
We worked together to create a printed whiteboard with magnetic discs to indicate ‘accident / accident free’ days.
We also included an acrylic book holder to be fixed to the board to encourage the two to be used together.
The client was very happy with this concept and the functionality of the board met what they were trying to achieve.